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Become an Ace with sales and pitch closing.
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Hi it's Michelle
It is nice to connect with you here.
My experiences are speaking at conferences, develop relationship on the phone as my job is Bi Dev manager.
Different people require different communication approach, this is probably the most fundamental factor when it comes to having the ability to talk to people and develop rapport with them.
This is what we can do
Talking on the phone , even to people you have not met before.
Deliver information in a concise, to the point manner without coming across as rigid.
Have the confidence to say no, ask tough questions. These are important area in professional environment or personal.
I look forward to speaking / working with you

Seattle Seattle , Washington United States 98105
About the service provider

I have been working as a business development manager for the past 6.5 years. I love talking to people on the phone

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